Agency Campaign Stories

Our ‘Christmas – New Year One-Week Happiness Campaign’

In the enchanting city of Kochi during the Christmas season, three Santa Clauses suddenly appeared on
bicycles, spreading joy and excitement by distributing gift vouchers to the public. These rosy-cheeked
Santas were part of a magical campaign by Antz Media, aimed at bringing prosperity to the business
community in Kochi.

It all began on the 17th of December 2021, with a vision to elevate the business community in Kochi to
new heights with overwhelming footfalls in their brand outlets. The goal was simple yet ambitious:
increase brand reach and sales during the enchanting festive season, ensuring a steady flow of visitors to
various brand outlets in the city until March 2022.

The strategy was ingenious: three Santa Claus characters on bicycles, armed with gift vouchers
promising three months of enchantment. These vouchers were more than just pieces of paper; they
were tickets to happiness and surprises. The choice of Santa Claus was intentional, evoking the holiday
spirit of joy and generosity. The city came alive with bells, laughter, and warm smiles as Santa Claus
pedaled through the streets, delighting the people of Kochi with magical gift vouchers.

The people of Kochi received these gift vouchers with offers that sparkled like stars in the night sky,
creating an atmosphere of festive magic. As they embraced the enchanting experience, their hearts and
minds were captivated, making it more than just marketing; it was a journey into a world of joy and

The results were astonishing, with increased brand awareness and business success that exceeded
expectations. The feedback from the business community was filled with delight, sharing stories of
remarkable increases in walk-ins and business, ultimately spreading happiness throughout the
community. But this campaign was about more than just business success; it was about spreading joy
and creating unforgettable experiences for the people of Kochi. It achieved not only the goals of brand
awareness and lead generation but also brought happiness to the community.

As the campaign concluded on December 23, the magic lingered in the hearts of the people of Kochi.
The “Christmas – New Year one-week Happiness Campaign” by Antz Media became a cherished chapter
in the collective memory of the city, a tale of joy and wonder that would be retold for years to come.


Aria Anand