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All the things you should know about Brand Awareness

Are you familiar with the term ‘Brand Awareness’?


But I am sure you know about Apple, McDonald’s, or even Zomato, right?

That’s because they are established brands. Strong brand awareness indicates more people are
familiar with your business.

Powerful brand awareness can make a company’s communications stand out in all way. While
conventional marketing and advertising strategies were used to perform well enough in the past,
customers’ priorities have changed now. Brands must be innovative and adapt to their audience’s
needs at the appropriate times.

How do you explain Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well
they understand it. Building brand awareness is very important while marketing and promoting
your business and products, especially in the beginning phases of a business.

Awareness, consideration, preference, action, and loyalty are the five stages of the customer
journey through the brand funnel. Many businesses work to keep their brand name in the minds
of current and potential clients by making it synonymous with the goods and services they
provide. Strategically employing your brand’s colours, logo, or catchy tagline helps amplify your
brand message to your potential customers.

What makes brand awareness important?

  1. It fosters brand loyalty.
  2. Brand recognition aids in the acquisition of loyal customers.
  3. It creates connections.
  4. It builds brand equity.
  5. Brand awareness expands your business.

How to build brand awareness?
Brand awareness cannot be attained overnight. Several campaigns, social media activities,
partnerships, and other things are all part of the process.
Here are some strategies for building strong brand awareness:

Create a unique brand identity

In the present-day situation, customers would like to interact with brands emotionally and
intellectually. That is why a brand needs to have a vibrant personality, ethical values, and a
unique tone.

Be Authentic

Authenticity forms the basis for genuine communication and helps customers develop a strong
emotional bond with your brand. Emphasize your brand’s mission to demonstrate what your
brand stands for and values.

Be active on social media

In this digital era, people expect brands to use social media because that is the easiest way for
them to look into it. Customers will search for your products or services on social media and try
to contact you there rather than through websites, emails or phones. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your brand’s personality. To engage with your brand, people always visit your accounts.

Create unique content

Create fresh content that viewers will share because it will accomplish two goals. One is that it
will increase brand awareness by engaging more people. Second, it will promote positive impact
and favourable recognition.

How to increase brand awareness?

 Create unique designs
 Create trending and attractive videos
 Infographics 
 Write a blog regularly
 Increase traffic to your website using SEO
 Influencer Marketing 
 Sponsorships 
 Start a podcast
 Collaborate with other brands
 Offer free products or services
 Use referral programmes
 Create customised email
 Social media campaigns

Take your brand awareness strategy to the next level by understanding these things.
Brand awareness has a very large impact on your marketing initiatives, consumer
perceptions, and revenue.


Aria Anand