IT Staffing & Contracting

IT Staffing and Contracting

IT Staffing & Contracting

Staffing an entire project team involves hundreds of resources, Antz Media’s IT staff contracting solutions help clients with the right talent, skills, and competencies when they need them.

Antz Media keep up the client’s expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, and talent engagement. Based on the client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available.

Forget the process of HR management and the monthly headache of Pay Roll management. Let us take the responsibility. A client can focus on their project domain forgetting the hassles of managing an employee.



  • Employee augmentation or contractual service is well suited for partners who want to concentrate on their business goals and move their focus away from internal process management.
  • Staff augmentation or contractual staffing is focused on getting more team members to work in collaboration with your own team. The objective here is to get skilled resources. The work is done under your direct control.

What we do

  • We take time to understand your company and its culture. This helps us assess your requirements and develop a plan to acquire the right candidate.
  • We filter candidates through careful analysis of their skills and their work history to ensure you get a qualified candidate.
  • Employee augmentation or contractual service gives our partners the option of placing any of their employees on our payroll. This reduces accounting and benefit costs while minimizing potential risks. contact now