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About Antz Media

We are Digital Media Experts

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In the year 2007 Antz Media started its operations as a Web and Digital Media company. We are proud to announce that our competitors range from a few national players and some international players. During these years we had established our brand in Facebook Application development with a global reach of more than 1,90,000 registered users. In India, we service big business organizations in building their brand and frame their online marketing strategy.

Antz Media deploys the latest technologies for providing the cost-effective Online solution for the customers. The entire team is experienced in its area of operation. The development team is experienced in

● Designing & BTL Planning

● Digital Media Platforms and Technology

● PHP and MySql

● Facebook Application Development

● Web and Interface designing

● Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

● SEO, Social Media Management, and Online Marketing Strategies

While we still enjoy the feeling of a local company, the scalability of our marketing solutions knows no bounds. We routinely work with some of the largest international brands in India, while retaining a substantial number of small and medium sized companies across a diverse range of industries and sectors. We make sure that you and your brand are put in front of the right people at the right time, and in the right way.

Why Choose Antz Media


Always on Support

Our team is here to support you throughout the branding cycle,

Tailored Search Solution

The world is searching, so be found or get lost in the online jungle.

Value for your money

Compared to conventional  branding solution, Digital Media is 10 times cheaper and gives ROI.

World’s Best at your Service

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Excellent Support

The service we provide is really awesome. The clients w ho stood by us in the beginning, is still there with us. It is possible only because of the Excellent support we provide.

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Awesome Team

Every solution we provide will create a wow factor. It is possible only because of the impeccable team. At Antz Media the collective Brain is giving the solution rather than an individual.


Faster Performance

Time is money. So any Paisa spent by the clients will be converted to results in the promised time itself. Taking wise decision in the right time is more important in ever changing Digital Media.